Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hints and Actions for your Fish

Did you check our lastes modification in Fishland world?

Now, in your Fish page, you have task hints that you can do with your Fishes. These hints can help you improving your Fish status and make them happy. See if if your Fish has a hint ... (if you don't have any is because yous Fish doesn't need to do).

Furthermore is this page you are able to verify all the actions that your lovely animal is doing at the moment and you can put them doing an action if they aren't in any one.
Check now your Fish actions ...

Monday, December 8, 2008

Visit the NEW Fishland

Do you know the latest news?



Have you seen the NEW Fishland?


Sail to the deep of Aquafish and meet the new Fishes! Create your new virtual animal and
find all the new features in this fantastic new Fishland world.

Did you know that the new Fishland has new and funnier ways to talk with your friends.
From now on you will receive all your friends mails as well as your fish warnings in your internal
Fishland email box. It's easier and funnier ... but Fishland couldn't stop there.
Now there are plenty of other new stuff... You can leave a comment to your friend, send him aurux,
yo's or items.

You will find new and powerfull items to use in your Fish. And you will have available new
professions for your Fish. Chose your favourite one.

Did you bought an AuruxMillions ticket?

What are you waiting for? Do your bet, place you number and if you are lucky you will become a millionairaux.

to all your friends how Fishland has improved and all the new hot features that aer waiting for them and ask them to sign up!
After your friends sign up to Fishland you can add them as friends, leave them messages, comments and
send them YO's as plenny of other new interactions.


New design, more interaction and a
new world Map...

you will feel
like a fish in the water!

Have fun and find the new adventures ...

Friday, November 7, 2008

A change is arriving... Visit beta.fishland.com

A change is arriving... Visit beta.fishland.com

The oldest and the power users from Fishland have been chosen to test the new version of Fishland.
The new version includes:
Better features;
New design;
New Fishes to create;
More interaction with friends;
Quicker platform.
During this month you, as a Fishland power user, are going to try this new version, know the new platform and give us your feedback about everything!
Fishland sees you as a great user of this website, so it's in your hand to fulfil this mission. To test the beta Fishland version, you need to do the following stages like a new user: Sign in, Create Fishes, play and buy new items!

[Warning! All data created in this version will be deleted when the finished version is out. But do not be worried because your actual account will be transferred for the new Fishland.]
While you are testing this Beta version, pay attention to the features, errors and everything that you think that could be better. You can us a feedback.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hotel - The great place to rest

Do you need ....
To Study | To go out | Go on holidays

and you don't know where to leave your fish?

The Hotel is the perfect solution for your problem. Now You don’t need to worry about this, because it will be very well treated at the Hotel. It will stay with the same characteristics as the day you putted in to.

The minimum of days at the Hotel, are 3 and the maximum are 30. You have to pay the days that you choose to stay, the price changes according with your fish evolution and with the number of days that your fish stays at the Hotel.

The more developed is your fish the more you will pay to stay however you have a great discount if you put more fishes resting at the Fishland Hotel.

If you are thinking in going out for some reason or you don't have enough time for your fish right now, you can put your Fish at the Hotel now.

If you need to see how your Fish is now, you can click Here.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Now you can get medals according to your playing performance and the development capacities of your Fish, you will have access to win different kinds of medals according with the categories available.

Medals are a way of distinction and recognition between the most loyal users and the ones that don't play so much. If you want to receive a medal you just need to dedicate a little bit more to your Fish.

To visualize the medals that you already won, you have to go to "My Account" and click to see your profile. Here will appear a list of medals that you've already received.

Available Medals ...

Prodigus Insigne

Richest user in Fishland

Statua di Cognitor

User that knows a Fishland member

Fiduciarius Statum

Loyal User

Statua di Consilium

Useful suggestion

Risio Statua

Funny Feedback

Exsuperabilis Insigne

Fish with more defeats

Comitatus Exercitium Insigne

Fish with more draws

Insigne di Victoriatus

Champion Fish

Gladiator Insigne

Warrior Fish

Item Insigne

Auction with the highest number of items

Perseverantia Insigne

Auction with more bids

Licitatio Insigne

Auction with the highest bid

Aequo Insigne

Fish user with 5 stage of development

Laborium Insigne

Workaholic Fish

Optimumfixe Insigne

Fish more Developed

Optima Statua

Best in one Game

Marmor Statua

Best in game type

Note: Medals are automatically sent by our system, but sometimes it could have little delays because of the big amount of information that we have. If you think that you deserve to receive a medal and you don't have, please send us a feedback telling your situation.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

The final countdown has already started!!!

Your Fish and friends are ready to party and celebrate the new year. They wrote this newsletter just to desire you an excellent 2008, with many "cool" things!
Keep taking good care of your Fish and enjoying navigate in Fishland (www.fishland.com)!

Have a "cool" Christmas!

This special date is symbolic even in the bottom of the sea!
Your Fish and the other Aquafish inhabitants desire you a special and very happy Christmas!
But, don't forget to party with your fish, visit Fishland (www.fishland.com), buy him a present or more...
You can also share Christmas messages with your Fishland friends!